Our Patriots


CAPT   Captain       CPL   Corporal LT Lieutenant       NONCOM   Non-Commissioned Officer       PVT   Private SOL   Soldier      
COL Colonel CS Civil Service       MAJ   Major PS Patriotic Service SGT Sergeant          


Baltimore Chapter Members proudly trace their ancestory to these brave patriots who fought or gave financial aid in the war for independence


Connecticut Maryland Massachusetts
Oliver Bogue, CT, PVT Michael Balsher, MD, PVT, PS Samuel Burbank, MA, SGT
Samuel Felt, CT, LT John Bell, MD, PVT  
Deodate Waterbury, CT, PVT Joseph Blake, MD, Ensign  
  Stephen Cromwell, MD, MAJ, PS  
  William Dowling, MD, PVT  
  George Hardy, MD PVT  
  Henry Hooper, MD, PS  
  Eli Hyatt, MD, SOL, PS  
  Robert Jackson, MD, PS  
  Theodore Middleton, MD, CAPT  
  Gabriel Moran MD, PVT  
  Gabriel Morgan, MD, PVT  
  Patrick Mullins, MD, PVT  
  Richard Owings, MD, CAPT  
  William Phillips, MD, SGT  
  Christopher Raborg, MD, PVT  
  Thomas Ritter, MD, SGT  
  John Ward Veazie, MD, CAPT, CS, PS       
  Thomas White, MD, PVT  
  Luke Wyle, MD, CAPT  
New Hampshire New Jersey New York
James Edgerly, NH, PVT Daniel Decker, NJ, PS John Bell, NY, CPL
Barnabas Palmer, NH, CS, PS   Gideon Warren, NY, COL
Richard Sinclair, Sr, NH, CS, PS   Hyam/Hymam Solomon, NY, PS      
North Carolina Pennsylvania Vermont
Rudolph Conrad, NC, CAPT, PS George Roger Dean, PA, SGT Gideon Warren, VT, COL
John Jacob Meisenheimer, NC, PS       Andrew Fichthorn, PA< PS  
James Middleton, NC, CAPT Jacob Hedrick, PA, LT  
Paris Pearson, NC, PVT Nicholas Hoffman, PA, PS  
  John Michael Lightner, PA, NONCOM  
  Joseph Matlack, PA, PVT  
  George Robison, PA, PVT  
  John Schwartz, PA, PVT  
  Hyam Solomon, PA, PS  
  Henry Weaver, PA, CAPT, PS  
  Henry Whetstone, PA, PVT  
William Chenault, VA, PVT, PS    
William Fitzwater, VA, PS    
Isaac Fouche, VA, PS    
Abednego Hodges, VA, PVT    
John Mcmullen, VA, PVT    
Edmund Pendleton, VA, CAPT    
Samuel Pickerill, VA, NONCOM    
William Polk, VA, CAPT    
Henry Stratton, VA, PS    
William Vaughan, Jr., VA, PVT    
Joseph Wilkerson, VA, PVT    
Thomas Wilkerson, Jr., VA, PVT    


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