Our Patriot Ancestors 

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SurnameGiven NamesState of ServiceRank
Beaver Dietrich PA PS
Bell Peter MD Capt PS
Bellinger Adam NY Lt
Bellinger, Sr. Peter NY Col
Bicknell Moses CT Pvt
Bordner Jacob PA PS
Bossart John PA Pvt
Charles Joseph PA PS
Close Henry PA Noncom
Conklin Nathan NY Pvt PS
Cummings Jonathan MA Pvt
Davis David NJ PS
Dorsey John MD LCol
Dowden Zachariah MD Sol PS
Eckles Harmon MD PS
Eckles Henry MD PS
Edelman John PA Pvt PS
Ehret John PA Pvt PS
Ellenberger Jacob PA Pvt
Faber Jacob PA PS
Fansler Frederick PA Pvt PS
Feeter William NY Pvt
Funk, Jr. Henry MD PS
Gano James NJ PS
Gearhart Peter VA PS
Gibson James PA Capt
Graves William A VA Cnt
Guilick Hendrick NJ PS
Hammond Peter NC, VA Pvt
Hanks Joshua VA Sol
Haushalter Simon MD PS
Heagy Christian PA Pvt
Heard John NJ Capt
Heard Nathaniel NJ BGen
Heilman Ansted/Anastasius PA Pvt PS
Heilman John Adam PA Lt
Heilman John George PA Pvt
Hershey John PA Pvt PS
Hewitt Ludwig PA Pvt
Hoffman John VA Pvt
Holland Charles SC Pvt
Karmany John PA PS
Kefauver Nicholas MD PS
Knapp Phineas NY Sol CS
Kramer Conrad PA Noncom
Lakin Abraham MD PS
Light Jacob PA Pvt PS
Light John PA Pvt
Marks Adam PA Lt PS
Marks Killian PA PS
Michael Andrew MD PS
Mulford Ezekiel NY PS
Nelson James PA Sol
Newcomer Peter PA Pvt
Pitman James GA, VA Lt
Poffenberger John MD PS
Reagan Philip A VA Pvt
Riggs Amon MD Capt
Rock Henry PA Pvt
Roth Johann Conrad PA Sol
Rowland Jacob MD PS
Ruffner Peter VA PS
Rule Clement PA Pvt
Shade Jacob VA, MD Pvt
Slaven, Jr. John VA Pvt
Sloan William PA Pvt PS
Smith Paul MA PS
Specht John Conrad MD PS
Speckler Frederick PA Pvt
Stucky Jacob PA Pvt
Ulrich Martin PA Pvt PS
Walker Jacob PA Lt
Warble John MD PS
Welty Philip PA Pvt PS
Wilson Ezekiel MA Pvt
Young Ludwig MD PS
Young Jacob MD Pvt
Zerbe Christian PA PS




Brigadier General








Lieutenant Colonel




Non-commissioned officer


Public Service