Old Saint Paul’s Cemetery Historic Preservation



In 2015, the chapter applied and received a grant from the Bauer Foundation for historic preservation. This grant has been designated for restoration and maintenance of Old Saint Paul’s Cemetery located at Redwood Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard in Baltimore City.

Old Saint Paul’s Cemetery is one of the two oldest cemeteries in Baltimore and one of the few remaining examples of an important transitional stage in the development of cemeteries in the city. It bridges the gap between the churchyard burial ground of the 18th century and the rural cemetery movement of the 1830s. It’s an important expression of the funerary arts architecture, sculpture and landscaping in Baltimore.

The graves at this cemetery represent people of transcendent importance in the development of Baltimore and Maryland. It is documented that at least thirty Revolutionary War patriots including our namesake, John Eager Howard, are buried in this cemetery. Samuel Chase, Signer of the Independence, is also buried in the cemetery and Frances Scott Key was originally interred there but removed to Frederick where he was born.

By re-erecting tombstones that have fallen over the years we are helping to preserve one the oldest cemeteries in Baltimore City for future generations. There are approximately 1,450 burials in the cemetery. The oldest documented tombstone dates to 1699 for George Ashman. In addition, this cemetery lies some of the most prominent people from old Baltimore in the 1700s and 1800s.

Photo by Cathy Ohler