Community Service

The Maryland Society carries out the objectives of the National Society through a variety of programs in its local communities:

  • Community Service Awards recognize local citizens for outstanding achievements in cultural, educational, humanitarian, patriotic, and citizenship work in their communities.
  • Constitution Week was initiated by the DAR in 1955 and adopted by the U.S. Congress in 1956. DAR sponsors special programs during the week of September 17-23 to inform and educate the public about the United States Constitution.
  • As a member of the National Veterans Administration Voluntary Service Advisory Committee, DAR has representatives in Veterans Administration (VA) Medical Centers throughout Maryland.
  • Members also volunteer in community-based programs and provide support to troops involved in conflicts abroad.
  • Thousands of flags, flag codes, certificates, and other patriotic literature are distributed annually.  MSSDAR chapters and members participate in local commemorative events and with other community service organizations which share our objectives.


The Maryland Society Daughters of the American Revolution sponsors several contests for students to promote its mission of historic preservation, education, and patriotism. For more information, please contact your local chapter.

  • American History Essay Contest: encourages students in grades five through eight to think creatively about our nation's great history and learn about history in a new light.
  • DAR Good Citizens: recognizes and rewards high school seniors who possess the qualities of dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism in their homes, schools, and communities. These students are selected by their teachers and peers because they demonstrate these qualities to an outstanding degree.
  • Junior American Citizens (JAC) Program: teaches America's schoolchildren the principles of democratic government, good citizenship, and appreciation of American heritage and history and is open to all students in kindergarten through high school.

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Our Chapter House

Maryland State Society Daughters of the American Revolution are headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. We purchased our Queen Anne style home in Roland Park, Baltimore, on February 11, 1953, while Mrs. Ross Hager was State Regent. The house was built in 1892, the same year DAR began in Maryland. Since then we have lovingly maintained our house, and used her regularly for meetings and social events. Furnishings are largely gifts from our members. Maryland State Society Daughters continue to be very proud of our aged lady and take good care of her.